Vorsprung durch Technik

This phrase has been at the heart of the Audi brand since the 1970s. It still applies today. What it means, of course, changes: at first, it was primarily technologies like quattro. Today, it's about more than the art of engineering. It's about progress - Rethinking mobility, inspiring people, and making their lives easier. Audi's attitude is still the same: look for something new, try it out, make something better. This is how the future is created. This is how we live progress.

Shaping the future of premium mobility.

Together we will create the future of individual premium mobility in alignment with the mindsets, values and aspirations of our progressive customers. The complementarity of sustainability and digitalization will produce amazing opportunities and start a new era of the car. We will make the difference by the way our products look like, work and feel. By progress you can feel.

In 2025 all Audi plants produce carbon neutral on balance.

A new understanding of sustainability

More and more Audi vehicles are already driving electrically. In the coming years, we will reduce the CO₂ footprint of the entire fleet by 30 percent. And as a company, we want to achieve a carbon-neutral balance 1  by 2050. That is ambitious – and therefore just our thing.

Theses on the future mobility

Digitalization 07/05/2019

Theses on the future mobility

Self-driving cars, electric mobility, and artificial intelligence: mobility is about much more than just getting from A to B. A look at five potential future scenarios

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Fun, free of CO₂

When it comes to electric mobility, one is quick to talk of having less: less range, fewer charging stations than petrol stations, etc. But "less" is something that we at Audi are not satisfied with, out of principle. That's why we see there as being “more” here. First and foremost, more fun while driving: anyone who has experienced the pressure that tears an Audi e-tron from its standing position knows what we're talking about. But the fun doesn't stop there: electric drives give us spectacular freedom when it comes to design, they open up new usage scenarios, and they can connect people and their goals in a completely new way.

The time traveller
The time traveller

Brand 09/05/2018

The time traveller

The 32 year-old exterior designer Jason Battersby lives and breathes his work at the Ingolstadt Design Centre - and he has a burning passion for Star Wars.

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